Lifelong Learning Center
Message from the Executive Board

Message from the Executive Board

Education has become an activity that is performed lifelong for various reasons such as the increase in the mean lifetime and social and technological changes that take are rapidly taking place. The European Commission defines lifelong learning as all learning activities that are performed during a person’s lifetime within a personal, social, institutional and/or employment-based perspective to improve knowledge, skills, and qualifications.

Lifelong learning, under the title Quality Education, is among the Sustainable Developmental Objectives accepted by the members of the United Nations in 2015. It was assigned a special importance. Similarly, five main objectives regarding employment, education, social inclusion, Research and Development, and climate and energy fields were stated in the “Europe 2020 Strategy” that determines economic transformation strategy and the 2020 objectives of the European Union. Lifelong learning is regarded as an important tool for achieving these objectives.

The vision of Boğaziçi University is to be a university that shapes the future from a leading position with its educational and research-related approaches. In addition, enriching the learning-related experiences with innovative and creative approaches; becoming one of world’s leading research universities by strengthening its science, research, creativity and innovation culture; and contributing to the formation of a better future with the academic, scientific and cultural activities are among the main elements of this vision. Lifelong learning is an important mechanism to achieve the targets required. Successful universities share their comprehensive experience, which is obtained with education and research, not only with their students, but also with the entire society.

Boğaziçi University, which has as its mission to equip individuals in Turkey by providing young population with information, ethics, and skills that are required by global developments taking place rapidly, and to encourage intellectual, curious, and creative people, has been leading the lifelong learning philosophy through its Lifelong Learning Center (BULLC) since 2002.

We wish to share or experiences, obtained over more than 150 years, and it is a pleasure and honor for us to see you among us for our activities within the BULLC.